Friday, September 27, 2013


We find ourselves waxing nostalgic.  All three of us.  Nostalgic in three different ways for three different people as college decisions get closer for the second (the last) child.  We make lists of colleges from most expensive to least expensive, from most selective to least selective.  This morning I determined the school on a mountain is Tennessee is the closest to Roselle.  This is not so strangely comforting.

The closest school
Is on a mountain
In Tennessee.
I remember
In college
I took the Orient Express
From Paris to Athens.
My father told me
He could get anywhere
In the world
In 24 hours.
I thought this odd,
Very odd.
Why-ever would he need
To come see me
In Athens
When I would be home
For Christmas?
Now the closest school
My daughter considers
Is on a mountain
In Tennessee.
It is less than a day’s drive.
This is
Not so oddly

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