Thursday, September 12, 2013

How do you do it?

I attended prayer group yesterday.  This was my first time with the group.  It was different from other prayer groups I have attended.  This prompted the beginning of today*s poem.  Then I thought about my family in a restaurant.  Usually we all order different things.  Sometimes the food is particularly good.  Sometimes it is particularly bad.  My beloved always wants to share his, and have a bite of mine.  Sometimes he says This is awful... want a bite?  Every family has its jokes.  This is one of ours.  Still, in the best spirit of sharing, it is best when it goes both ways.

I want to ask
How do you do it?
Truth be told:
I want to be asked
The same.
Usually I find the good questions
Go both ways.
They contain
The longing to know,
The yearning to be known.
I desire to share
What has been offered
On the plate
That is my life.
How do you do it?
Would you like to try
What I am having?
I*d appreciate
A sample
Of what*s on your plate.

It looks delicious.

Try a bite of mine.

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