Sunday, September 29, 2013

I have been known to leave my wallet behind

This morning felt like a comedy of errors.  Every time another thing happened, I reminded myself to remain calm.  The wallet was not lost.  Somehow I knew it was not lost, or stolen, or strayed. Somehow I knew I would find it and slap myself upside the head and say Of course.  I forgot I put it in the car before talking with a parishioner in the parking lot.  Of course.  Now I am home, awaiting the outcome of last night*s ankle mishap.  My husband and daughter will be home soon, I hope.  Me?  I am calmly sitting in a chair, writing this, eating a Portillo*s hot dog, which is not a healthy lunch option  My wallet is in the kitchen, next to the stove, with my sunglasses.

I have been known
To leave my wallet
When my mind
Is otherwise occupied,
Like this morning
In church.
I traced
And retraced
And retraced
After I searched
Every possible place,
I found it
Where I*d carefully placed it.
After a scavenger hunt
Of every place it might possibly be,
It was
Of course
Where I had placed it.
Not accidentally
Laid it down,
Mind you,
But instead
Placed it,
Carefully even.
I have been known
To leave my wallet
This morning
In church
I took care to place it
On the front seat
Of the car.
Only then
Did I go searching
Everywhere else.

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