Monday, September 23, 2013

Suggested poetry

From time to time, since I have often purchased books of poetry from Amazon, I receive suggestions in my email on who I might read next.  There are many poets I have never heard of. Some mornings, like this one, the suggestions are not helpful. I sampled the beguiling and magisterial poet.  I would name his poetry, simply, creepy.

I awaken
To suggested books of poetry
In my in-box.
They were written by people
I didn*t know
Walk this earth.
They carry titles
Which entice me
To taste a poem,
Just one.
This morning*s collection
To be spit out.
One poet is named
Intensely ethical.
Another review claims a poet
Beguiling and magisterial.
Of course I would have to read the books
To even begin to understand
What these reviewers mean.
I sample a poem or two
From the list.
Today is a day
To drink coffee,
Eat my breakfast cereal,
Meet with a client or two.
Today is a day to think and speak
In simpler language.

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