Sunday, September 22, 2013

School choice

We are embarked upon the college journey once again, this time with our daughter.   I remember my own journey, its twists and turns to arrive at this particular place.  I hope it will be the same for my daughter... in a good way, of course, but with enough of the unforeseen to make it interesting and surprising and yet, of a piece, every step of the way.

We knocked another school
Off the list
My daughter*s list
Holds familiar
There is no telling
The futures
The list holds.
I used to be married
To the rare person
Who knew from beginning to end
The process he would follow.
Most everyone else
Near and dear to my heart
Has walked this way,
Then that,
Then found
Outside Eden*s gates
Wandering unknown territory
With a bite of fruit
Left to be chewed and swallowed.
I used to be married
To someone who knew
From beginning to end
The exact path
He would follow.
Now I am married
To someone else.
I wouldn*t have it
Any other way.

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