Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One more step

And so it continues.  I watch my friends drop their children off at college.  I think we*ll be doing the same with our second child same time next fall.  Right now it*s the 250-500 word essay for the Common Application.  This is something which did not exist when our son applied.  Then again this child writes her own book, even as the first one did.  It does not fit in 250-500 words.  No one can write their book in 250-500 words.

Every day brings one more step
In letting go.
At Christmas
His senior year
In high school
Our son gave my beloved and me
A book on parents
Letting go
Of grown children.
Every parent
Every child
Writes his own book,
Writes her own book.
Has advice to give
The other.
The letting go happens
One step at a time.
This advice
Is not in book form.
This advice I think
May even be

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