Saturday, September 7, 2013


We arrived in Boston yesterday to look at colleges.  We are staying in a hotel in Cambridge.  Our room is on the 16th floor.  It overlooks the Charles River.  The rowers practice on the river.  All night I dreamed of churches.  Yesterday Jane Greenspan died in Cape Cod.  She was a pillar of St. Luke's and St. Margaret's (SLAM) before she died.  I dreamed all night of people coming and going.  I forgot this place feels like home.

Cambridge feels like home.
The rowers are rowing
On the Charles.
I remember I learned to kayak
News of people
I have not seen in years
Reminds me
Of our inter-linkage,
Our inter-lockage.
I dreamed a dream last night
Of the church I left,
Now closed.
It was filled with people
From other churches
I have served,
All in the process of leaving
And arriving.
They spoke about
Their travels,
Rowed up and down the Charles River
In teams.
They kayaked
I awoke this morning
Found out one left us
From Cape Cod.
This place feels like home
Even the kayakers
Take their part
In the whole.

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