Monday, September 9, 2013

Making connection

Miles to go before we take the plane tonight.  Still curious to me how this place feels like home.  Yes, I did live here before... but there is something about the water that connects everything... even the drainage ditch behind the house in Illinois.  Today brings three more connections that I know about, but I imagine there are always more connections to make.

The river flows outside our window
Sixteen floors up.
It is Monday.
We will check out
Of this place
Before we check in
To three more things:
To fly home.
This home business
Is curious.
I used to be anchored
On the other side
Of this river.
Rivers flow
As they always do.
This river somehow connects
To all the rest,
Even the drainage ditch
On the other side
Of the backyard fence
At home.
They*re all connected
The home bits and pieces
Are all connected.

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