Thursday, September 26, 2013

More to be done

I adore the light in the fall.  This fall I adore it more, if that is possible.  In my office under the altar I see the crooked pine out my window as evening falls.  The sun angles different in the fall, more sideways somehow.  It illuminates different parts of things.  This fall I see there is more to be done. I know I only see a small speck.  So I start with the speck.

There is more to be done,
Much more.
I have been given
A tiny glimpse
Of all it entails,
A glimmer,
A sideways shimmer
As the light angles different
This particular fall.
There is more
To be seen
In the fall light:
The crooked pine illuminated
Just so
Out my office window.
There is more to be done,
A possibility or two
Out my office window,
On the bench
Under the pine.

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