Friday, September 6, 2013

Get your crab apples later

Today has been a day of reversals.  My calendar was gone this morning.  Where could it be?  Who or what was to blame?  My beloved packed it with his things this morning.  No one is to blame.  It was lost and now it is found.

The coyote was clearly eating something.  The chipmunk was chirping.  I do not speak coyote or chipmunk.  Turns out the coyote was eating crab apples.  Turns out this is a normal perfectly natural thing for coyotes to do.  Who knew?  Not me.  Now I do.  I want to invite the coyote back but he has gone.  Maybe he*ll return over the weekend when my beloved is home.  I have told him about the crab apples.  Of course this does not mean the chipmunks are safe.

I thought the coyote
Was eating a chipmunk,
A perfectly natural normal thing
For a coyote to do.
I wanted him gone,
Out of my sight.
Not in my backyard.
When I looked further,
The coyote had been eating
Crab apples.
The chipmunk chirps told everyone
Coyote in the backyard
Steer clear.
Get your crab apples
These were not chipmunk chirps
Of grief,
Of loss.
These were chirps that announced
Coyote presence
Get your crab apples

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