Sunday, September 15, 2013

The One Lost Sheep

Good sermon this morning on Jesus going after the one lost sheep and leaving the other 99 behind.  I always liked the story.  Still, I will always think of this man who showed up for a few Sundays, then disappeared over the summer.  He called me one day, irate that I had not gone after him, and left the other 99 behind.  I still wonder where he went.

I remember the One Lost Sheep
From two parishes back.
This man strayed
From every congregation
In the western suburbs.
He landed in mine.
He was disturbed that no one
Had found him
Over one summer.
He called,
Said he was
The One Lost Sheep.
I had not left
The other 99 in the wilderness
To find him.
We were no good
I had not been Jesus
To him.
I still think about
That One Lost Sheep.
I wonder whether
He was ever found,
Having strayed from every parish
In the western suburbs.
Even mine.

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