Saturday, September 28, 2013

The order of things

I often get reminder notices from my brain.   I have not had a generalized seizure in over a year (Yay!).  I know the medication helps, but I also know I have learned to pay attention to the warning signs.  I continue making plans.  I also realize plans may need to change.  I keep my prayer list next to the places I go to chill out.  When I drive, I travel familiar routes.  This allows me to explore the wilderness with my clients.

I shower and dress
For a funeral
Then realize
My brain has ordered
A different day
Than the one
I had planned.
I change back
Into my pajamas,
Pray for the people
I will not see
This is a lesson
I must learn
Again and again.
Today I may pray
With the windows and doors
Open to the world,
Me in the blue recliner.
Today I may pray
A different way
Than planned.
Such is the order
Of things.
Sometimes it is different
Than I had planned.

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