Thursday, September 5, 2013


We have all had versions of this conversation.  Sometimes we are the questioner.  Sometimes we are the listener.  Sometimes we give advice.  Sometimes we don*t.  Sometimes these conversations are on the phone late at night.  Sometimes they are over the dinner table.  Roles are reversed. Sometimes merely hearing such things out of our own mouth, out of the mouth of a loved one makes a difference.  Sometimes the shift comes overnight in our sleep.  I have learned there*s no telling exactly when.  I have learned... to put in the time... and wait.

How can I make her see a counselor?
He asks.
You can*t.
I say.
She could see my counselor,
He says.
No, but you could see
Your counselor,
I think to myself.
I know this is going
Nowhere at all.
I have had this conversation
I know the lines by heart.
I know we will have a version
Of this conversation
Strange enough
I know it is actually
Not hopeless.
A shift will surely come.
It will not be my shift.
It will not be her shift,
But his.

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