Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool*s Day: A beginning...

Hmmm... April Fool*s Day and Lent... a natural combination, when I think about it...
And a blog*s beginning

It is National Poetry Month,
So April is not the cruelest month.
Eliot and The Wasteland will never be chosen
For Day One,
If we have anything to say
About it.
Still I wonder which poet gets to represent
April Fool*s Day,
And who decides from amongst
The foolish lot?
I am a candidate for fool every day,
A representative for fool
Really just like everyone else.
Is today*s poem chosen from a jester*s hat
With bells
Everyone in the mix?
Is there discernment in the choosing
Or is it willy-nilly
The wisdom of the world upside down
And inside out?

Whatever the poem today,
Will it show that God is always the one
In charge of the joy
Even in the middle
Of Lent?

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