Monday, April 4, 2011

We don*t get new visions every day

I am someone who is easily bored.  Really rather like the cat.  Sitting and figuring new ways for things to go together is a challenge.  Looking at all the pieces together and waiting for a pattern to emerge... is a challenge.  Again... like the cat.

Today there are no new things to do.  I wait for a phone call from a possible internship site.  I give thanks for all the things which have come together.  I listen to the cardinal who has chosen a particular tree to claim as his.  He proclaims it loudly.  Today I play with possibilities, and take out of my storehouse what is new and what is old, lay them all out on the living room floor, and dispatch the cat to the family room.

We don*t get new visions
Every day.
Some days
Like today
Are for remembering
The old ones.
It is even Scriptural.
Like the householder
We are to take all of them out,
The old and the new,
Lay them on the living room floor
So we can see it all together
Or at least as much as we have;
We are to hope the cat doesn*t mess it up
Sprawl in the middle on his back
He likes mess, you see,
Makes him feel at home.
We must entice the cat to another room
To find another mess
To call home.
Then, the cat dispatched,
We must consider the pieces together
The old with the new
Baste them into possibility
Consider them again.

New visions are not an everyday thing.
Some days require the entire living room floor
A new place for the cat to sleep.

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