Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Special just like everyone else

It is amazing to me how I have to learn this lesson over and over: that I am special just like everyone else.  I know I am not the center of the universe... still... I find myself in the rear seat thinking that everyone who agrees with me, sees things the same way I do, must be wise because they get it in the way I do.   Really I know that we need the whole range of perspectives to get ourselves looking out other windows. 
Really, believing that someone simply made a wrong turn at Lake Calhoun keeps me focused on myself, special all alone.

When I was small we used to fight for the seat
in the station wagon
Facing the car behind us.
Now I shudder at the thought.
But then
We waved at the drivers,
Waited for them to wave back.
When we went to the 4th of July fireworks
I knew everyone was going
To the same place.
It was simply so exciting that I was sure
No one would miss it.
Even when we went to Grandma and Grandpa*s house
On Lake of the Isles
I thought everyone must be going there too
But perhaps they made a wrong turn
At Lake Calhoun.
Now that rear-facing seats are known
To be dangerous
Maybe children don*t entertain
The same thoughts
I am older by a lot.
I know that everyone is not going
To the same place.
I think it possible that my life is not
The center of the universe.
Still I catch myself in the rear-facing seat.
I wave and think that drivers who wave back
Are more special
Than the drivers
Who don*t.
I wave and wish and believe
That we are all headed to the same place
The fireworks
Grandma and Grandpa*s house
If they only knew.

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