Saturday, April 2, 2011

Intensity of Spring

OK.  I tried to make this a nicer reflection.  But the ducks are mine, and it is important I think to see the ducks in their entirety, as it is important that God sees each of us in our entirety... and God does.  While I may strain to see the beauty, I take comfort that for God, the love comes without any strain at all.   Imagine that: No Strain at All.

The ducks are doing what they naturally do as ducks.  Of course we have choice, which separates us from the ducks.  And God gave us that choice, and of course we blow it regularly.  And God still loves us and allows us to begin again, even when we have messed it up royally. 

Ah... now the lady out back is in turquoise.  It must be spring.

The morning blue sky,
The three warblers in the leafless tree
In back,
They will continue north
The ducks:
they must have had breakfast
Before I got here, but no
No: here they are
They show the energy, the intensity of spring
In our family we call it the spring raping of the ducks
More than intensity there is violence here
Male on female violence,
No Disneyland animals, these.
If the ducks are mine it seems important
To see all of the ducks.
I admit I would rather pretend
They just chase one another
Or it*s a massive game
of hide and seek;
Or this is just a general spring poem
Of blue and greening
And the false blue indigo with its other-worldly shoots
To emerge.
The ducks are mine
All of the ducks are mine
Today they do not play games.
Today is survival;
I strain to see the beauty
In survival.


  1. Someone reads your blog. Barebones tho' it may be.

    Survival isn't always pretty, is it? But, survivors do what they can, and occasionally what they must.

  2. Hi, Friend,
    Thanks for reading in and through the lines.
    No, survival isn*t always pretty, but there are things one learns in that place which can be incredibly valuable.