Monday, April 4, 2011

Some things best green from outside in

 As I lay in bed listening to the rain this line came to me: Batter my heart, three person*d God.  In the way of such things, I knew it was an English mystic, but did not know it was from one of John Donne*s Holy Sonnets.  I thought of my friend Karen in New York, teaching her class on writing sonnets, and my mostly free-form verse.  While I*m at it, here is the link to Donne:

All night
The rain pommels the ground;
The window cracked open for the first time;
The cat silhouetted by the streetlight
In the window.
Large and dark,
He listens with me to the water.
It softens the earth with its
Spring opening sound.
Is it possible to pommel
No battering this
But steady constant wet
In the dark.
I know we will be a long way
Toward green
By morning light.

Some things best open
From outside in;
Listening here
I*ve known it before,
I know it again:
Some things best green
From outside

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