Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent 2.2

Two days into the week of Advent 2.  I am thinking we may need to find a way to have Christmas in the mess.  Pollyanna says: At least the kitchen has been painted red.  There is a psychologist I know who is promoting a messy Christmas.  I don*t think this is what he has in mind.  Then again... maybe it is.

Slowly slowly
We bite the dust.
My ears are plugged.
The daughter sleeps in.
The husband reports
Mild depression.
I listen to the chipper voice
Of the contractor
Sun does shine through
The dust motes
I look at the calendar
For the day,
Consider Christmas
Two weeks hence.
It will come.
It will come,
No matter the state
Of my ears,
No matter who sleeps in,
No matter who
Is mildly depressed.
The sun shines through
The dust motes.
The contractor remains

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