Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One deadline at a time

On Iona I made a spectacular find: The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson.  Since then I have found the book in numerous places, and purchased copies for many friends.  In this season of quiet, I am finding this book to be quite helpful.  One page recommends taking one deadline at a time.  Only one.  It (of course) is reminiscent of the AA focus of One Day at a Time.  As with many things, sometimes it only takes a simple re-working of a common principle to hear it again.  Buried treasure.

My little book of calm
Suggests only one deadline
At a time.
This is my favorite page.
I call home to find out
What*s new.
Now that I am not dependent
On someone dropping me off
Or picking me up
From work,
I find there are six deadlines
Imposed on the system,
Today alone.
My next client
Is at 8 PM.
She is a regular.
She is my next deadline.
One at a time.                           
I will weigh in
On kitchen paint color
Before bed,
Something else
In the morning.

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