Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas

I got a text two days ago, all in caps, ST. NICHOLAS DAY IS IN TWO DAYS.  It is wonderful to be cared for, with advance notice even.  St. Nicholas actually found his way into this house under renovation, and didn*t even require the usual shoes.  He knows, around here, it is different every year.  St. Nicholas knows how to go with the flow.

St. Nicholas arrived early
Last night.
He tripped over renovation obstacles,
Found the orange juice
In the living room refrigerator.
St. Nicholas
Sneaked up the crowded stairs.
He did not find any shoes
At the door.
The shoes are strewn
In the family room.
St. Nicholas made do this year
With a paper box
From Ten Thousand Villages.
He angled it against the door,
A box,
A few chocolate coins.
Every year St. Nicholas arrives
As he wills.
Every year it is different
And the same.

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