Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas afternoon

Every year some adaptation is required.  This year has required more adaptation than usual, what with the kitchen renovation still underway.  My new snowy owl puppet has a head that turns all the way around,  He can look at things in back of him.  He is an inspiration.

Christmas afternoon:
The tiny Walgreens tree
In the corner of the family room
Made do
With its twelve twinkly lights.
We listened to
Pandora classical Christmas music
Once we figured out
Pandora traditional Christmas music
Was anything but
Our tradition.
My husband figured out
Eggs in the microwave.
The trick is to
Break the yolks
Ahead of time.
I am wearing the plumb bob necklace.
It is perfect,
Absolutely perfect,
As are the clothes
The books
The snowy owl puppet.
Soon we will go out
To dinner.
We will be especially nice
To the waitstaff.

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