Thursday, December 13, 2012

This side of the Divide

After Diocesan Convention I received an email from my friend, Sam Portaro.  He welcomed me to the .rank of senior priest.  This side of the Divide, it makes sense.  Thank you, Sam, for naming it.

Before Advent began
A dear friend wrote to me.
He told me I have entered the rank
Of Senior Priest.
He told me John the Baptist
Is our patron saint,
The very one who incarnated the truth:
We must decrease
In order that others
May increase.
It was a missive
Of welcome.
This side of the Divide
It makes sense.
I picture John
Cartwheeling in Elizabeth*s womb
Before he was born.
I picture John
On the banks
of the Jordan River
After a breakfast of bugs and honey
Waiting to decrease
After the One who must increase
Has arrived
To take his place.
This side of the Divide
It makes
A particular kind of sense.

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