Friday, December 28, 2012

Exercising options

Twenty-plus years... I am a slow study, it seems, at exercising options with my beloved*s extended family.  This year is different.  When my vision goes blurry, it is time to retire to my chair in the bedroom, close the door.  I will help with dinner, maybe read more of my book on listening, rather than expecting others to listen to me.  That is not the score for this week.  This week I can help with dinner.  There will be other times for other things.

I am exercising
The corner chair
In our bedroom
Is refuge
From the post-breakfast conversation
At 1:15 in the afternoon.
Twenty plus years:
I have finally learned
To exercise
Finally I have found the space
I can see
I can breathe.
I can help with dinner.
I can live in this space
For the time being,
Listen on the edges
To voices raised.
I can help with dinner.

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