Sunday, December 2, 2012

New license to drive

Today I can drive.  I will most likely make the grocery store run this afternoon, drive to my volunteer job tomorrow morning.  By myself.  No radio.  Today, maybe all week, maybe all month, I will consider myself a new driver.  Learn again the privilege.  I hope I may not have to do this again.  This time around, I know there is the possibility that things might change... any minute. I hope not.

With this new year
Comes driving.
Today it*s not about
But rather
A week or two
With new rules.
This week
When I drive
I will be the only one
In the car.
A week or two, perhaps three,
With different rules,
A new license
To drive.
New year.
New beginning.
This Sunday in church
We light the hope candle
On the Advent wreath.
Perhaps the new rules
Will last an entire season.
This time around
Things will be different.
I certainly hope so.

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