Saturday, December 29, 2012

In Florida land

Minnesota (me) has been meeting Florida (my beloved*s family) for years now, after Christmas.  No one ever gets up much before noon.  This year we are all in various stages of the respiratory crud.  This year sleeping counts as a good thing.  Next year I think three things: a shorter trip, a motel, and I will be a named driver on the rental car.

In Florida land
No one gets up before noon
Except perhaps
This year I carefully read
The book on listening.
I hear different things
Between the pages:
Sounds of a house
Sighs of the daughter,
She opted to sleep
On the sofa
Instead of the collapsed
Blow-up mattress;
Husband breathing
Still asleep.
Me out of sight
And sound
And anyone*s mind
In the corner.
This is a longer trip
To Florida land.
No one gets up here
Before noon.

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