Saturday, December 1, 2012

I consider Advent

 There is no point in unearthing the Advent wreath.  There is no place to put it. We will have to mark Advent in a different way this year.  

I consider Advent
With four juncos
On the back patio.
They sit
On the leftover kitchen tile.
No snow.
I consider Advent:
No place to put a wreath
This year,
The newly arrived kitchen sink
In a box
In the hallway.
No room in the inn
For decorations.
Today we will remove the pumpkins
From the planters
Out front,
Put them next to the creek
For squirrel food.
Today I consider Advent
Mary jostling along
On a donkey,
Wondering what on earth
Comes next.
Please tell me (she whispers)
No more angels
Announcing strange and stranger things.
No more cries in the wilderness
I consider Advent
No room in the inn
For decorations;
Pumpkins for the squirrels
Out back;
Juncos waiting for snow;
Kitchen sink
In the hallway.
Please tell me
No more angels
For now.

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