Thursday, December 20, 2012

We are leaving the turtle in charge

I know Christmas looks different every year...  but this year it is way different.  More to learn.  Always more to learn.  We are leaving the turtle in charge of the countertops.

The kitchen is still
In the family room
In boxes.
The Christmas tree
Is still
In the basement. 
Once finals and grading
Are done,
The tree will go
In the corner
Opposite the boxes
Of kitchen supplies.
The silverware will move
Under the TV
To make room for the tree.
I sit and write
In the raspberry chair.
At semi-regular intervals
I take time
To stick my fingers in my ears
Sing la la la
Then la la la
It*s seasonal,
Doncha know?
We will move the silverware
This weekend.
The countertops
Will be installed
When we*re in Florida
After Christmas.
The cat will spend the holidays
At the vet.
We are leaving the turtle
In charge.

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