Monday, December 3, 2012

It does not feel like Advent

It does not feel like Advent.  Too warm.  Even the plants are confused.  I understand it*s been ten below zero not too many miles north, in the land of my birth.  Even snow.  I wonder whether this blog will be captured somewhere in the future as a weather chronicle.  Today it does not feel like Advent.  Today I will focus on today*s things:  Do I go to work at the Clinic with a dripping nose?  Stay home and sleep in?  Work on the Advent Quiet Day I lead next week?  It does not feel like Advent... but it is.
Today I choose to follow the Star.   

It does not feel
Like Advent.
The weather is warm.
A friend notes
A confused forsythia
In bloom
On the way home from church.
Another friend notes
This is good weather
For compost.
I note this is a full week.
I have a completely unseasonable
Head cold.
My husband pats my shoulder
On his way to work.
So this is the way it begins,
I think.
I*m sure there must some connection
Between forsythia and compost
Head colds and shoulder pats
And Advent.
Some connection somewhere.

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