Saturday, December 22, 2012


All of a sudden I find myself humming I Saw Three Ships... Never thought of myself as one of the ships (or rowboats or life rafts).  Hmmm.  With the home front discombobulated from renovation, we bought one of those Walgreens tabletop trees for the corner of the family room.  This means not unpacking all the Christmas things into the midst of the kitchen supplies in the family room.  My daughter had a crazy math teacher the first part of the term... she retired November 1 (TBTG).  What was incomprehensible in September and October became comprehensible with the new teacher.  I see possibilities on the horizon.

I am a ship:
A frigate,
A rowboat,
Sometimes a mere
Life raft,
Sail pieced together
From all the old t-shirts
In the bottom dresser drawer.
Sometimes the wind blows
Fills the sail.
I move.
I am a frigate,
A rowboat,
A life raft
At sea.
There is land on the horizon.
I intuit
When I finally

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