Sunday, December 30, 2012

Same moon

It is important to note the common reference points, one place to another.  Here in Florida I found the moon and the blue jay.  I had forgotten the blue jay is here in the winter as well as living in the Midwest snows.  I remember the return of the blue jay after the West Nile virus decimation.  They make me smile with their raucous can*t miss it presence.  Blue jays are not passive birds.  The moon.... well... it is the moon.  It glows on the just and unjust and all of us caught in the middle.

The same moon
I know in Chicago
Shone through
The slats on the mini-blind
Last night:
Lined and bright
Moonlit stripes on my arm
Until my eyes
Finally closed.
I slept clear through
Time for church.
Last night
The very same moon
Shone full and clear
With stripes,
Reminded me
I have seen it
At home.
This morning at breakfast
The blue jay
Called and jeered
Just like
Every Illinois and Minnesota blue jay,
Hopped along the fence,
Told me
He Is every blue jay
I have ever known
And more.

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