Friday, December 7, 2012

More accomplishments

Some days it is amazing what counts as an accomplishment.  In addition to a haircut, getting medication without needing to make a doctor visit, the kitchen being painted as I sit in my office, I have a quiet space to work and one thing to focus on.  After I eat lunch... of course.  All of these count as accomplishments.  

The children have left.
The hair is cut.
The office door is closed.
There is space to do
What needs to be done.
Now to determine
What comes next.
I think lunch
Is a good idea.
When I get home
The kitchen will be painted
A new color.
The medicine awaits me
At the pharmacy.
I said magic words to the nurse
Over the phone:
No fever,
No sore throat,
Productive cough;
Therefore no need
To make an office visit.
This counts as an accomplishment
For today.
One of many.

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