Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Impossible things

In the mailbox this morning was a quotation from Madeline L*Engle (sorry Madeline... I still have no apostrophe) which spoke of blessing six difficult, problematic people before breakfast (referring to the White Queen from Lewis Carroll*s Through the Looking Glass).  I have always liked the quotation.  The time before breakfast, that barely awake time before the coffee has really kicked in, allows me to consider things which don*t seem possible later in the day.

Impossible things are more likely possible
To consider
Before breakfast.
My barely conscious brain
Hardly knows
Which end is up
Or down
Or sideways.
This is the best time to write,
Newly awakened
The plate of impossible things
On the breakfast table
With the morning coffee.
Me and the White Queen
Clink our juice glasses.
We consider
Impossible things.

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