Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The gym was closed

Today we got all ready to work out, then the call came that the gym was without power.  We decided to walk the neighborhood instead, despite the coffee and newspaper allure.  I spent yesterday convincing clients to exercise.  Right.  So we took a walk to Turner Pond, past the corner house with the pear trees, past the house of the woman-who-would-be-mayor.  We put in two miles, then returned home at about the time our workout would have ended.  A morning walk.  Definitely different from the evening variety.

Today was a full survey
Of the neighborhood.
The gym had no power
So we stayed home
And walked
Realized the trees on the corner lot
Are pear,
Not apple,
A fact not noted in our usual
Evening walks.
The morning light illuminated
The yellow fruit.
We passed the not-so-green lawn
of the woman
Who aims to run the village.
She finally dumped the black jockey
From her porch.
Now her house
Is politically neutral.
When she runs for mayor
We will probably still
Not vote for her.

The gym was closed
So we walked instead,
Took a morning survey
Of the neighborhood.
Now we wonder about the pears,
Not apples,
On the corner lot.
Now we wonder
Whether the woman will ever
Run for mayor.

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