Sunday, August 19, 2012


Two more conversations this morning helping people sift things and encouraging the bold step to quit.  It is not something that fits on a resume.   This is probably why I may never be hired, most anywhere.  Yes, it is most likely suited to a position on the edge of things.  

I am good at helping people
There is no such slot
On a resume.
I suppose it is a kind
Of discernment.
Discernment is so often named
In the positive direction.
I help people quit things,
Hold hands
Give a shove
Create spaces
So God can work
In a more positive direction:
Find new space
For the woman
who coordinated coffee hour
For twenty five years;
The treasurer who could*t balance
Her own checkbook
To save her life;
I am good at seeing
Negative spin.
I know somehow
When things
Need to change.
I hold hands,
Give a shove,
Create space so God can work
However God
Will work.
This is often not
What employers
Want to see.


  1. Quitting? Or, moving on? Going in a new and different direction - even if that means a direction that stops, rest, reflect, discern?

  2. So you want to move people out of places where they feel valued and like they belong and have something to offer, just so you can replace them with other people. Sounds like Mitt Romney to me.

  3. Hmmm. actually it has little do with what I want. It*s more helping people find the space that they are better suited to be. It has to do with people NOT feeling valued where they are, and having something to offer elsewhere. So often I think we get stuck doing things we feel we SHOULD do, and so we end up not moving on (thank you, Terri) to places that might be a better match with our gifts and abilities.