Thursday, August 16, 2012

Acupuncture: Learnings: a beginning

It occurs to me as I reflect on yesterday*s experience... this may be part of what I do in preparation for the pilgrimage to Iona next month.  Acupuncture is a completely new experience for me, though there is resonance to what I do as a priest and as a therapist.   And... I will probably get a white noise machine for my office next to the nursery school.

First off:
Attention is paid
To different things.
There is more space here
In this tiny office
At the back of a hair salon.
The chairs we sit in
Are exactly the same.
The white noise machine
Covers over the sounds
Of the aesthetician next door.
Now I know
What an aesthetician does.
The needles don*t really hurt.
The whole time I am flat on my back,
Knees raised,
The acupuncturist pays attention
To my body,
To what she hears
Or sees.
She tells me
At the end.
As I walk back to my office,
I remember the woman at the well,
Jesus telling her
Everything she had ever done.
I am suddenly
The woman at the well.
My vision is clearer.

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