Saturday, August 18, 2012


Part of the reason to try acupuncture was to get more of a handle on the blurry vision thing.  It is more than noting when I would feel safe to drive, and when not.  Some of the pieces are more obvious than others.  Heat and bright light bring it on.  Of course, like everything else, good sleep and hydration help.  And of course, less stress.  This morning, watching the birds along with the cat, I am focused and clear.  I am also grateful I never got the pot planted in front.  It makes the perfect dust bath.

On mornings like this,
Slightly cool,
I open
Every open-able door,
Listen to what speaks
At 10:03.
The cat slowly moves
To the door.
He listens to the sparrows
In the front,
Barely moves,
Slight twitch
To his tail.
It occurs to me
I can see
Perfectly well
At 10:05
As I watch the cat.
The sparrows take turns.
They use the planter
As a dust bath.
Now the cat notices.
He is focused
At 10:11
Ready to leap.
He can see
Perfectly well.
The sparrows bathe in dust
Only for him.

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