Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New instructions

Today I have my first acupuncture appointment.  Why?  It seemed right.  It seemed there might be something I may learn about the blurred vision and dizziness with acupuncture.  I understand the loose clothing and eating lunch and filling out paperwork.  Not brushing my tongue???  Not so familiar.  I remember Naaman, a great man in high favor, who sent a messenger to Elisha so he might be cured of his leprosy.  His instructions to follow? Wash in the Jordan seven times.  I remember Naaman said: Aren*t my own rivers good enough?  (2 Kings, chapter 5).  Right. Me and Naaman, brother and sister under the skin.  I did not brush my tongue.

Today I try something new.
I will wear loose clothes.
I will eat lunch.
I will fill out the paperwork.
I will arrive on time.
So far, so good.
I will not brush my tongue.
This has never been an instruction
I needed to follow
It seems I may need
to hear
New instructions.
Then follow them.

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