Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today is acupuncture treatment #3.  Already I have learned new things by paying attention to new things.  It seems I store tension in my jaw.  Jaw exercises have not been part of visits to the physician or therapy or working out twice a week.  Maybe the dentist might have said something, but I don*t grind my teeth at night, so probably not.  It*s not a surprise that blocked ears and blurry eyes might have some relation to tense jaw. It*s all connected, after all.  Meanwhile, I open and close my mouth like a fish, and remember that a smile might be therapeutic to me, as well as those I encounter.

Already I learn new things:
It seems the tension in my jaw
Contributes to blocked ears,
Blurred eyes.
When I exercise my jaw
By smiling,
Whenever I remember
To smile,
The world lightens
My ears clear
The blur that still remains
Softens to new possibility.
When I pay enough attention
To open and close my mouth
Like a fish,
Usually in private,
My ears clear,
My eyes
 Seek out
New things.

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