Monday, May 27, 2013

Cloud of Information

I have to laugh.  Even as I write this, I know this blog is adding to the massive Cloud of Information.  Somehow this does not bother me.  So...what does it matter that someone might find out how many steps I take in a day, or whether my sleep was light or heavy?  Still... I am the child of the father who always overpaid his taxes, in part so he would be left alone.  I am the child of the father who sought to protect anything and everything.  This Memorial Day I am the child of the father who fought in World War II, who was injured in France, the only one left alive when his truck was bombed.  I am the child of the father who never talked about such things.

So many things
To pay attention to.
We have devices
Which almost mean
We do not
Have to pay attention to anything
The devices will do it
For us
Just as long as there is Wi-Fi.
The devices will chronicle
Every atom of sleep
Deep or catnap;
Every step we take
Or walking;
And oh so many
Other things.
There is an application
For everything, almost.
The apps will register it all
In the Cloud of Information.
I am the child of my father.
I just purchased
A pedometer.
It will count my daily steps
As I work up
To ten thousand.
It will not be registered
But in my head.
I leave my sleep
To fend for itself.
I am the child of my father.
The Cloud of Information
Knows enough about me

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