Saturday, May 18, 2013


The redbud is an amazing tree.  In spring the blossoms even pop out of the tree trunk, almost like nothing can contain them, there are so many.  It was fitting to arrive home yesterday from an amazing workshop, home from unpredicted encounters with unexpected people who told me what I needed to hear.  And then... and then... to find the sidewalk seams filled with fallen purple buds,   And then... to realize there are more buds yet to fall.

I drove home
Through flowering trees.
I walked up the front walk.
The concrete sidewalk seams
Were filled
With purple buds
Yet the redbud
Remains full.
There are more to come,
More to fill
More cracks,
More to stay on the tree
For right now,
And then
More to fill the cracks,
Even more
To line the way,
To light the way
To the front door.

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