Friday, May 24, 2013

Risk tolerance

Strange to say, or perhaps it*s comforting, or risky or...  I am back to the place of I can*t tell.  I know the risk tolerance quiz which arrived this morning has to do with financial risk... still I wonder how to measure any kind of risk, much less arrive at any kind of real answer.  Then to have a new client quote Julian to me.  

The morning sends
A quiz
For risk tolerance
As if there are answers
To such a thing.
I wonder about
The answer key
To the quiz.
I wonder if it measures
What it is necessary
To measure
But then
My eyes are focused
On different things.
I figure I could live in the middle
Of someone else*s back yard
Be perfectly
Pretty good, in fact,
In the Minnesota way
Of things.
Last night a client quoted
Julian of Norwich to me.
I keep seeing it
She said
I keep hearing it:
All shall be well
And all manner of things
Shall be well.
I reply
I*ve heard that

I*ve heard that too.

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