Thursday, May 9, 2013

Job lists

Thank God for the crabapple and redbud.  Their spring beauty will most likely be fleeting, with rain predicted over the next couple days.  I know from past years when the redbud lets loose, the sidewalk will be covered in purple buds, and I will process to the car, like a bride walking through rose petals.  It is good to know hope will be fulfilled.  Soon I may even cancel all those job listings.

Most mornings
Jobs arrive
In my inbox.
I have subscribed
To various lists.
Why I still hope for jobs
In the inbox
I don*t know.
I barely look at them
Still it is strangely comforting
To know there are positions
I wonder whether
They will be filled
By a blonde
Or perhaps by someone
With the right assortment of letters
After their name
Or maybe someone
Who has counted their hours
Exactly right.
The jobs arrive                               
In my inbox.
I barely see them anymore.
This morning the crabapple flowers
In back,
The redbud
In front.
It seems there are different things
To hope for,
Different things
To find.

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