Thursday, May 16, 2013


The Shedd Aquarium now has a Stingray Touch exhibit.  Yeah!  Find a small child and visit.  Even if you don*t have access to a small child, visit and remember the small child in you.  There*s nothing like it.  My son is now living in Minneapolis.  God willing he will visit this summer.

Over twenty years ago
I stood with a small boy
In his orange ball cap.
We carefully placed our hands
In the large kiddie pool of rays
At the New England Aquarium.
We visited the rays
Felt their slippery sandpaper skin
Sliding by.
We even talked about bringing one home
As a saltwater pet.
I remember the faded orange ball cap
The wonder in a five almost six year old*s eyes
The cool sandpaper feel
Of the rays
Simply gliding
under our hands.

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