Thursday, May 30, 2013

Counting chickens

Clergy used to be paid in chickens and eggs (and other such things).  I*m back to figuring out what I will be when I arrive, much less where I will be when I arrive. God knows.  Of course God knows.  And pay?  Cups of coffee and an occasional chicken.  My friend says God holds up placards for me.  Yep.  It*s been a multi-placarded week.  I*m not sure how many placards I will need.  Probably a few more.  Almost certainly a few more.

I*m not much for labels.
I do believe Child of God
Is plenty good enough.
I still wonder
When I will ever arrive.
I will ever arrive.
If I do,
Where will I be?
I wonder
How to market myself.
After all
I*m not much for labels.
I wonder
If anyone will ever find me
Other than
By word of mouth.
I wonder if the practice
Of offering something
Hot to drink
A discerning heart
Will net anything more
Than the occasional chicken.
I wonder if anyone
Will know me
As God does.
I wonder if God is the only one
Who needs no explanation
And I can simply rest here
Count the occasional chicken
Simply wait.

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