Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pools of petals

A week or two ago I pointed out the flowering trees to the Spanish teacher at church.  It had rained and the dropping petals were beginning to form  fairy circles under the trees.  Isn*t it pretty?  I said.  

It*s so sad, she said, so very sad.

The mulberry peonies
Only in bud on Mother*s Day
Are full out now.
The petals drop
One or two or three an hour.
We just came home from church.
The table holds
A purple-red pool
Of petals.
We must have been gone
Longer than I thought.
It is a week
Of dropping petals.
The woman who teaches Spanish
At church,
When petals began to drop
From the trees:
The pear
The apple
The dogwood,
The woman said
Isn*t it sad?
Isn*t it so sad?
At the exact same time
I notice pink and white pools
Of petals.
I notice we see
Different things.

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