Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Tendrils, the clematis, and me.  A reflection.  Thanks, Jen... for lunch and conversation and tying some more twine.

I left the clematis
On the front pillar
To grow by itself
A little too long.
It twined on itself
In a green twin-y mass
Of vine.
Now I spend time every day
Carefully separating vines,
Untwining leaf tendrils
Attached to each other.
Sometimes I have to call it quits,
Tear a tendril or two or three,
Trust that the vine
Will grow new ones,
Anchor itself
In better places.
Today I will tie more garden twine
Higher up the pillar,
Train another vine or two
Maybe the clematis wants to live closer
To the sun.
I demonstrated clematis tendrils
At lunch yesterday,
Hooked my fingers
Under the table
And tugged.
Today I will unhook a few more tendrils
Tie some new twine
Allow myself to be trained

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