Friday, May 10, 2013

Possibility for breakfast

I am getting settled into the idea that I will probably not get that final license.  Of course, when I really think about it, I am already doing what I feel called to do, half-licensed though I am.  So I will sit at breakfast with Disappointment and Possibility tomorrow and we will take a walk under the flowering trees after we eat.

I think I will invite Possibility
For breakfast
In the morning
While the others sleep in.
I will make scrambled eggs,
Rye toast
And a pot of strong coffee
For us to share.
Disappointment may join us
For a time,
Share a bite or two.
I will even set her a place
At the table.
Maybe she will feel better
After a walk in the backyard
Under the deep pink
Crabapple tree.
The petals may be falling
By then.
Maybe the redbud in front
Will make
A similar offering.
Maybe Possibility and I
Will each hold a hand,
Walk Disappointment
Under the falling
pink/purple blossoms.

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