Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Metronome redux

I got a letter yesterday from a credentialing organization.  One more thing, it said, one more thing, and we will give you more letters after your name.  Maybe it will allow me to come at the official letters from another angle, I thought.  Maybe.  Get thee behind me.  Get thee behind me.  Then I saw the NPR metronome post. Oh yeah, I thought.  Oh yeah.  I am thinking of going back to that bookstore and setting all the metronomes at different speeds.

Before I started grad school
The last time around
I found the metronome display
In the bookstore.
I had no idea
There was such a wealth
Of metronomes.
I thought about starting them all
At different speeds
Then leaving.
I didn*t do it
But still
I smiled all day
At the thought.

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