Thursday, May 16, 2013


In my tradition, footwashing is part of the Maundy Thursday ritual.  I*m sure the number of pedicures rises during Holy Week.  With the warmer weather and in celebration of her upcoming birthday, my daughter and I got pedicures.  I usually choose pale pink nail polish.  On a whim, I chose red this year.  A day later I remember it is Pentecost this Sunday.

I didn*t get the standard pedicure
For Maundy Thursday.
Instead I met with a client
Under the footwashing space.
Today is my daughter*s birthday
We each got a pedicure
Complete with salt scrub.
I chose red nail polish.
I*m sure it has a fancy dancy name.
I didn*t look.
Sitting with a client today
I told him
God is always speaking,
Sometimes we hear.
After he left I noticed my toes
Painted red
For Pentecost.
Sometimes realization
Takes its own sweet time.

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